A little introduction needed

I love motorcycles. So what better way to express it than online right? My wife might go crazy otherwise. XD She loves her motorcycles too but she wont dare to try anything more than a 300cc for fear of not being able to pick it up if she drops it. So she usually takes the backseat as my pillion.

Bitten by the bug in 2007, I got my first stage license in 2008 and started with a 200cc Yamaha Dirtbike, which stayed with me for almost 5 years. loved it to bits but since I was a student then, I had no resources to do a good tear down on the bike and do a complete rebuild, the bike gave me problem after problem which eventually led to having to let it go because it was my do everything machine. We had many adventures, that bike and me.

Riding my 200cc Yamaha Dirtbike


In the beginning of 2012 I traded in that old schizophrenic Yamaha for a 400cc Honda cruiser. The workshop that sold it to me however gave me a terrible deal, tyres were almost worn out which they insisted were new, (man I wish I had been a better debater back then!) seals were leaking all over, which they told me they would change but only ended up doing a very good clean up job. Everything started leaking again after 2 weeks with the machine and my mechanic and I found that they had hastily used liquid gasket! Needless to say, I never brought the machine back to them. Having that motorcycle, it was a love-hate relationship. It felt under-powered and I’d reach fifth gear, hoping for a sixth that never was. It felt cramped, (I’m 5′ 11″ with 32″ inseam) and terribly boring. Cruising was barely 110km/hr or 70mph, anything more than that and the engine felt like it was screaming. There was no engine rumble, no vibration, nada. The bike was so boring that I’d fall asleep after my night shifts on the road while heading home, it was not engaging at all. What I did love about it though, was that the bike could take a corner! For a cruiser, I’d be scraping the pegs til they folded and the exhaust would start grinding the tarmac and it would still go. It was somewhat nimble and easy to handle and the tyres gave fantastic feedback. It was the perfect introduction to a proper road focused motorcycle.

In 2014, right after my birthday, I sold that Honda and got myself my current machine, a 2010 Harley Davidson Dyna Fatbob. Never looked back since. Though I’ve tested machines from BMW and Ducati (Yes I have somewhat expensive taste) and see the qualities that they each bring to the table, when you do take into consideration other factors like service mileage and all, I would say Harley does have the upper hand. HOWEVER, and not because I have friends riding Ducatis and BMWs, in truth each one fills a gap in the market or they would otherwise fizzle and die out and the prominent 3 hardly have any bike that makes you question its existence. Somewhat.

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