BMW R Nine T Variants

So, I spy with my little eye.. Well, someone else did really. They have been monitoring the California Air Resources Board and so blatantly, I shall share the information with you.

We all know that BMW has an R Nine T Scrambler due out before the end of the year. It’s already on the BMW Motorrad International Site, under heritage models, hasn’t even been launched yet but it looks gorgeous and proper as you can see.

Image (Top and Above) off BMW Motorrad Media Site

Now what if I told you there’s more? Apparently there appears to be 2 variants registered by BMW for the R Nine T, which were subjected to testing by the California Air Resources Board and have been certified to have exceeded emissions standards. Yay for us motorcycle enthusiasts but BMW has yet to release anything at all on these upcoming models. In official documents, they are referred to as the R Nine T Racer and R Nine T Pure.

Perhaps what that suggests, since we already have the base model R Nine T and now the Scrambler on the way, is possibly one with a classic fairing ie. the Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE or the Triumph Thruxton we all saw at the recent Singapore Bike Show 2016IMG-20160821-WA0003.jpgand perhaps the other in a more  vintage get up with some modern touches such as,bmw-r90.jpg

Image off BikeExif (Click Here)


Image off SiloDrome (Click Here)

the latter 2 being very different approaches. Definitely using the original engines but different looking frames, both channeling period looks yet individually defined. (PS, I love the bar end mounted levers – classic appeal, modern touch). Can we expect BMW to release models along these lines to satisfy insatiable hunger for the current vintage motorcycle trend? Speculation IS irresponsibly fun isn’t it?

I shall leave you with the following images, taken off Taiwanese Customizer OneHandMade‘s Facebook page to satiate your need for motorcycle porn for now.

Image off OneHandMade Facebook (Link)
Image off OneHandMade Facebook (Link)

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