Harley Davidson CVO Pro Street Breakout

Softails use a different approach to rear shocks, instead of a coil over shock, as with the rest of the Harley Davidson range, they use a hidden shock absorber hidden under the frame, in a hark back to hard tails, the original cruisers of old. How does this affect the ride? Softails feel sure-footed and very planted at the rear, holding through your chosen lines. The Breakout also features a 240mm section rear tyre, massive and great for planting all that torque. Elsewhere, license plates are mounted on the side, letting you show off that massive rear. It’s a crying shame that the license plate assembly requirement by LTA means side mounted license plates are not legal here. Hiss, Boo.

Rake for the CVO Pro Street was narrowed, only 1 degree further out than the v-rod, tightening its turning radius while sharpening handling at the same time. The front end of the CVO Pro Street Breakout is also taken off the V-Rod. A proven drag racing motorcycle with real proper front end manners. This is also the first time Harley Davidson have put dual front disc brakes on a Softail. Do you see where they are going with this? The aggressor rims included on this bad boy also look trick and feature lots of detail.


In the handling department, luxurious custom leather for the seat means nobody else comes close in style, texture or comfort while the seat is designed to hold your rump in place for brutal acceleration, something the improved clutch will ensure. The seat brings you closer to the forward controls while the drag bar is pulled back a little, resulting in an aggressive looking rider triangle that’s secretly still roomy and really rider friendly. Bonus points for Harley Davidson there!


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