Harley Davidson CVO Pro Street Breakout

The engine, a 110 cubic inch (1801cc for us metric users) B engine denoting higher performance figures comes fitted, with Screamin’ Eagle upgrades. This is where the Fatboy S fits in -extremely easy to handle with its 31.6 degree rake, the real reason I’m bringing this into the fray is the Screamin’ Eagle 110B, also found on the CVO Pro Street Breakout. Able to chug through short shifts just like we’ve come to expect from Harley Davidson powerplants, it cruises comfortably at 80km/hr, just nice for the MCE but twist that electronic throttle or give it some whiskey throttle (I dare you) and it erupts with a fury only muted by neighbourhood friendly pipes. Enough to enjoy that American muscle rumble but not bother your neighbours much on a weeknight or weekend morning spin. The engine hurtles you and everything else along with it forward, slamming torque in your face by the shovel load. That seat on the CVO Pro Street will make sure you stay on.


As with any Harley Davidson, paint is something they never scrimp on, always deep and rich. This being a CVO, brings it up a notch with richer additions. Look closely at the StarFire Black surfaces and you will see specks of gold flake, while the White Gold Pearl burns bright and white under sunlight. The other paint option would be full on StarFire Black – guaranteed to black out the sun and steal your soul. A hand laid racing stripe across the tank and rear fender mirrors wood panel inlays in luxury segment cars, designed to recreate wood grain textures.


The StarFire Black paint is extended to the frame, swingarm and oil tank, ensuring continuity from the tank and fenders to the rest of the body.

The CVO badge of honour, sits smack below the tank and between your legs, reminding you how exclusive this ride is every time you look down.


Entry to this exclusive club starts at SGD $55,900 before COE. Find your freedom with the sales guys at Harley Davidson of Singapore at 64750123.

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