Harley Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

Revzilla first reported in a July release that Harley Davidson had contracted a company to build new exhaust systems for them in 2014, for a “slingshot” series of engines but could not get any further information. And then as most of you would have read by now, Harley Davidson dropped the bomb on us all 2 days ago, with the new “Milwaukee-Eight” engine, the newest in its series of Big Twins being launched for its entire Touring Range.

MY17 107 Engine. Milwaukee Eight.
MY17 107 Engine. Milwaukee Eight. Photo from Harley Davidson

The new engine comes in 3 forms, 107 cu, Twin Cooled 107 cu for standard models and Twin Cooled 114 cu for CVO models. That translates to 1750cc and 1870cc for metric measurements.

Harley Davidson stated in its Milwaukee-Eight Press Release that improvements and refinements to the engine had been made with feedback from customers across the globe on what they wanted to see in their motorcycles while at the same time retaining defining features of the American 45 Degree V-Twin they had come to know and love. The engine features muscular accents on the rocker box covers and a slimmer air cleaner profile as well.

Photo from Harley Davidson

Features for the new engine include increased power for passing and acceleration, lesser vibration at idle (I’d still vote to include that though), a further slimmed down engine primary profile for shorter riders, better heat management, single cam for less mechanical noise and increased stator output for charging. Sounds good?

Harley Davidson has also fitted the entire touring range with hand adjustable emulsion rear shocks, making it easy to adjust on the fly. No need for spanner wrenches now. Technology by Showa on the front features cartridge suspension for better damping on the front.

As seen in promotional videos, a new design for the Heavy Breather can be found in the Parts and Accessories catalogue, where apart from redesigned on standard parts, whole range of Parts and Accessories for the Milwaukee-Eight engines can be seen.

Photo from Harley Davidson
Photo from Harley Davidson
Photo from Harley Davidson

Looks like a good start to 2017 for the Harley Davidson faithful.

Meanwhile, Harley Davidson has also announced its 2017 line-up, with a few models, the Sportster 72, Sportster Superlow 1200T and Dyna Switchback removed. Making room for new models perhaps?

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