MV Agusta – Zagato

MV Agusta have been teasing us with the image above uploaded to their Twitter feed since July of something done in cahoots with Zagato. Thus far, MV Agusta designs have never failed to deliver. The teaser flashed Beast and left us guessing the rest of the way what this was.

One look at their current line up drives home a sense of masculinity and speed. Look at them in stand still and they still scream fast. It’s no man’s guess how much pride and passion goes into the design of their motorcycles. Massimo Tamburini would be mighty proud.

Zagato on the other hand, is a powerhouse of elegant design boasting heritage and history, with countless collaborations with automotive brands. Any love child between these 2 is guaranteed to feature elegance, timeless beauty and class with Italian flair in design.

We are not to be disappointed at all now.

Off MV Agusta’s Twitter

This was uploaded on MV Agusta’s Twitter feed 2 days ago and the MV Agusta site now has a video flashing the words Beauty and Beast. What a stunner.


More details will likely be released 4th of September. All we can do for now is drool and envy.

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