A Quick Fix for Mushy Brake Calipers

Water or air ingress into brake lines can cause soft and mushy brake action, while bleeding the brake lines may not always do the trick. As dirt, grime and brake dust we encounter on the roads daily can build up in the calipers and jam the pistons, pistons get jammed and a visit to our friendly mechanic’s means dollars spent and down time when you should be on the road. How do we prevent that from happening?

Take note of the 2 bolts on the boss of the fork I’ll be going into detail on those

It’s no secret, downtime for a motorcycle means no riding. That equates to suffering, potential bouts of madness and depressing moments of sitting at home with nothing to do. The horror! A trip to the mechanic also means money and time, something we’re all hard pressed for these days. The other point of course, is that brakes make for the single most important part of the machine. Think about it, brakes are the most powerful part of your machine. Your engine gets you up to speed over a certain amount of time and distance. To shed that same speed to a big fat zero takes your brakes far less time and distance, even in wet conditions.

Maintaining calipers as in my case on a Harley Davidson Dyna can be done in under 45 minutes and is a fairly simple job, as seen in this video by YouTube user AZshooterman, showing us how to clean his relatively clean set of calipers and rid it of that terrible brake pull he was experiencing on his Road King.

The tools, solvents and Loctite needed can all be bought for under $50 SGD if you go to the right place. Research your closest hardware shops and prices if you can. Brake cleaner can come at under $10 SGD but the one I managed to find at the closest hardware shop was by WD40 and that costs a little more. To note, I also had to break out a pair of leather working gloves for grip on the teeny little 10mm 12 point wrench/spanner, depending on which part of the world you come from. You have to deal with some serious torque for the bolts. A wrench worked for me. A bigger socket wrench may apply for others. That will depend.

See the excessive pull on the lever?

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