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Now riding a motorcycle brand that requires separate sets and measurements of tools compared to the rest of the motorcycle world, not to mention torque values, loctite and a very much more experienced hand can be very demanding. The fact that there are painful few workshops and mechanics out there equipped or able to service Harley-Davidsons can be very much a nuisance as well, while those that do can have long queues of motorcycles in need of maintenance or repairs forming. We’ve had to live with that for awhile already and the situation has not been kind at times.

Don’t get me wrong. Queues are a good sign of continuity and sustainability from a business’ point of view. For the consumer however it means down time and starvation from riding. the worst form of torture any biker can endure. So when a new workshop opens to balance out that queue, we owners rejoice with the option of another place to get our machines serviced. Especially when the mechanic is an experienced hand who understands the machines and the job at hand well.DSC_4869.JPG

Skullz Cycle was started in June of 2016 by Peter Toh, who first started working on Harley-Davidson motorcycles in 2001. Prior to that he cut his teeth working as an electrical technician for 15 years on oil rigs. He works alone, but works effectively and fast. I’ve sent my ride to him a few times in the afternoons, after he comes back from his spare parts run for jobs in the shop. I blame it on my bad habit of procrastinating when I could reach his shop in the morning instead. That being said, through experience he’s diagnosed problems with my ride accurately and so far  he’s been bang on every single time.

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