The Wicked Wallop 2017 -A Celebration of Singapore’s Motorcycle Culture

It’s no secret that Singapore’s rules and regulations severely restrict motorcyclists from truly expressing themselves through their machines. The COE system adds unnecessary cost to an otherwise affordably built motorcycle and kills off older but well appreciated machines. Unclear guidelines for legal and illegal modifications also bring about confusion making it a complete turn off.

This guy definitely knows whats up!

Given this, one of the only ways left to truly enjoy our motorcycles the way we want to is by immersing ourselves in lifestyle and culture. What it means to live, breathe and sleep motorcycles. Not track day performance or high-tech toys but the simple act of passion in mounting an iron steed and riding wherever the wind may blow or as far as the sun shines. The Wicked Wallop is the very extension of this lifestyle and culture, held in a more prominent location this year to offer others a peek into this underground scene of Singapore.

Bringing bikers together, young and old
and of course, whats a gathering without some horsing around?
“You can park right there, but don’t run the photographer over” Photo by: Mohamed Sameer

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