2017 Indian Springfield -Diversifying the All American Cruiser

The 111 cubic inch engine – 1811cc for us metric users – dubbed the “Thunderstroke” by Indian does not disappoint, like a typical American cruiser, it pumps out shedloads of torque. Indian took the initiative to play with the powerband, after moving off with plenty of muscle, it surges from somewhere around 3000 up to 5250rpm, before hitting rev limit at 5350rpm. This rev range is typical of American cruisers, low and torquey but that powerband adds to the fun factor as well.

Supremely capable engine

This ride gives plenty of reasons to smile about. Valve train noise is also minimal, in fact the engine makes a very clean purr. Being a cruiser, it loves shortshifts. Very drastic shortshifts create a brief clacketyclack from the valve train that stops as quickly as it started. The primary runs by gear drive, ensuring even less noise from moving parts but surprisingly, there is also a lack of gear whine that accompanies gear drive systems. The engine, primary and gearbox are all in one, that same oil gets circulated around the entire powerplant, but by cutting down on moving parts in the Thunderstroke engine, this is not an issue and Indian recommends an oil change interval of 8000km after run-in. In Singapore, Mah Pte Ltd recommends somewhere between 5000-7000km due to our tropical weather. Heat management is as expected of a v twin as well, the rear cylinder receives less cooling than the front but heat dissipation is still pretty good and it takes a long while before the heat becomes noticeable, exceeding the time spent at most traffic lights. Engine vibrations are minimal. This is a sticky one. Many air-cooled v-twin lovers want the vibrations, some don’t mind not having them at all it really depends. But make no mistake, this machine rides well, delivers well and is in all, a good balance of rideability and practicality in a modern cruiser. It really is a lot of bike for the money.

Round round baby, round round

Mah Pte Ltd has a few more pre-stupid ARF units for sale at SGD $47,572.05 before COE and insurance. After these units are sold, and the new three tiered ARF applies to the rest it becomes SGD $70,042.05 before COE and insurance.

Call Mah Pte Ltd at 62956393 for enquiries or to express your interest.

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