No To Tiered ARF – The Petition of The People

Many questions have come up and appeared in discussions everywhere about the ARF. Let’s clear the air a little based on information on LTA’s release.

  1. The three tiered ARF will only apply to purchases of brand new motorcycles, specifically targeted at higher valued motorcycles.
  2. The first 2 tiers are pretty fixed, 15% for the first SGD $5,000, 50% for the next SGD $5,000. This covers the first SGD $10,000.
  3. The third tier is the killer at 100% of whatever value exceeding SGD $10,000. Basically you pay dollar for dollar beyond the SGD $10,000 mark.
  4. COE renewals are not affected, neither is road tax.
  5. Current motorcycles on the road are unaffected but will still face progressive road tax after COE renewal – this policy has been around for a long time.

Now here’s what else is going around:

  1. Speculation is rife that smaller dealerships will capitalize on the simple fact that new motorcycles will cost more and thus hike up prices of their litre bikes (Only time can confirm this)
  2. Main distributors, dealerships and their salespeople will suffer the most as they face a potential sharp decline in sales of new premium motorcycles looms. Livelihoods are going to be affected.
  3. Our dreams and ambitions of owning a big cc motorcycle for personal gains are trashed wholesale unless we are prepared to cough up premium dollar
  4. Can public transport handle higher volumes of angry/bitter/disgruntled commuters?

Also, just in case you have not heard, there is an ongoing petition against the Tiered ARF.  Here’s the link to the petition, “No to Motorcycle ARF Increment”. Go ahead and sign it. The very best scenario possible is that the powers that be will reconsider. The very worst is it could fall on deaf ears. Could we lose anymore?

Screenshot of the petition on

It is currently about 815pm on the 23rd of February, 2017. Every refresh shows the signature counter going up. Go ahead, make yourself heard. – TGA



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