10 Songs That Could Take Your Ride A Level Up


The wet weather should be taking a break soon (is it me or do our weather patterns seem a little off with all that rain lately?) Now I wouldn’t recommend plugging a set of earphones into a phone while riding, even for an important phone call. Call me stiff on this but the isolation they create from the road is dangerous and not something that can be compromised. Earplugs lower the decibels but they don’t create a sound barrier from the activity on the road around you.

That being said, if you have access to a kickass sound system on the bike, like those on one of the big ol’ Harley Davidson Glides, Indian or Victory Tourers, you know you’d want to kick up the music on that while you cruise! Call me an eager beaver but I’ve got a playlist in my mobile for just that when I take the glides for a review. Plug it in via Bluetooth and extend a friendly invite to others around you to enjoy those tunes.

It would do you well to note a few things beforehand:

  • Although there are numerous genres and I appreciate all of them, I just gravitate towards rock, hard rock and metal.
  • Most of these songs are fairly old. Music of today doesn’t quite have that kick for me.
  • These songs are hopefully friendlier for the ears of the greater majority. Not everybody can appreciate some of what these bands have to offer.
  • AC/DC’s Highway to Hell is a real kickass tune but too cliché for this list.
  • Feel welcome to comment below and throw in your own music suggestions. Don’t restrict yourselves to a genre. Good music should be shared.


Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum

As you slow roll out of the garage or parking lot with a good feeling in your gut as you get going for a leisurely ride. Perfect.

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

Yes, crank it up. This was used in the very first biker movie. Ever. Period. If you have seen the movie easy rider, you will remember the opening scene as the main characters begin their ride through valleys, lots of nature, satellite townships and for the most part just making you want to go ride across someplace with real proper rolling scenery. It’s out of place in Singapore for sure, but who’s to say you can’t use your imagination?

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