Charmingly Deceptive – Triumph’s StreetCup and Bobber

Few manufacturers have had the daring to build their machines focused on one or two engine layouts. For those who dare however, these engines have become their identity. Give it some thought and you’ll probably realize that funny enough, they’re all twins. There’s always something captivating about twins isn’t there?

Sexy Sleek Lines on the StreetCup (Photo Credit: Barry Seah –
Stripped Down and Minimal on the Bobber (Photo Credit: Barry Seah –

That being said, today we’ll focus on Triumph and its parallel twins, in both 900cc and 1200cc variations. Mah Pte Ltd was generous enough to let us at The Gasoline Addict have 2 bikes at once – Yup, US, there’s 2 of us now but that’s for another story – and so we spent some time getting our throttle grabby hands get acquainted with the Triumph StreetCup and Bobber.

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