Rob and Leonie Take on a Good Portion of the World (The Planning)

When planning, for a lengthy overseas ride, especially one covering more than just a handful of countries, the logistics can be a real head spinner while cost is very clearly another to watch. Starting from a plan to ride across China, Rob realized with research that the cost of covering Dublin to Singapore rather than just China alone made a lot of sense. There were also countries on the to-visit list he could include as well, so why not? That made a lot of sense didn’t it?

Time needed for planning is another factor to watch. Singapore’s very own Juvena has effectively been on the road for 2 years already. Would you know that her planning began years before? Her planning if I recall conservatively might have already begun in 2012, when we were all riding with the same group of dirtbikes. That trusty Vespa PX, has been her very first ride since ‘07 and faithfully putt-putts on until today.

Rob and Leonie fully loaded up
Loaded up and Testing (Photo provided by Rob)

So back to Rob and Leonie, with research, planning, preparation and paperwork for the ride done in 18 months, Rob bought a used 2011 BMW GSA with low mileage on the clock, devoting some time to test it 2-up with luggage to make sure it was up to the job. It isn’t about punishing the motorcycle for it’s very existence, but yes, although BMW makes good motorcycles, fit and purpose prevail and one does have to ensure that the vehicle for the task is reliable too isn’t it? In all, the motorcycle had to carry 500kg with luggage, equipment, sat-nav and maps, as well as the people of course.  Rob recorded that this was 25kg over the recommended maximum for the motorcycle. This of course, adds another line to the “look-what-I-can-do” list in the abilities of the machine.

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