Rob and Leonie Take on a Good Portion of the World (The Planning)

Transporting the machine over was another interesting detail to note. We know that in group rides, guys like BMW Singapore dealership’s Yempaul and the rest of the group going would hire a shipping container to pack their bikes into. Now Rob and Leonie chose to do this via airfreight instead. It would do well to note that they were going solo for the first stage of their trip, while the others ( in total) would join in later in Warsaw, Moscow and Kyrgyzstan. The reason behind choosing air-freight being that it was the most efficient use of time and money, granting them the ability to ship the GSA out, just the week just before they flew to Dublin. Customs clearance for the bike was smoother as well. Research your options well!

Trailer Unloading.png
The Best Unboxing Ever (Photo provided by Rob)

On arrival in Dublin, they had conveniences, staying at Rob’s sister’s place, with access to a car and trailer which made collecting the bike from customs far easier. A telefork was also available on hand, making the unloading of the bike in its crate from the trailer a breeze. Ah yes, bless the conveniences! That saved the couple time and money from having to find the right equipment or companies to transport and unload the motorcycle for them.

Unloading with Telefork.png
Telefork for the rest of the job (Photo provided by Rob)

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