Rob and Leonie Take on a Good Portion of the World (The Planning)

Another point Rob highlighted was the sheer amount of riding. On some days, extended saddle-time was necessary due to the time limit for applying for the visa and length of validity for each visa. There is a schedule to keep and a minimum mileage to cover each day as I probably mentioned in the last post on this story. Lost time and miles have to be recovered the next day and to add in to the mix, there are also mechanical issues to watch for. Severe ones can ground the bike and if solving it becomes lengthy, it would invalidate whatever plans were made previously. Needless to say accidents and come-offs from the bike can also put the trip at risk. A severe injury can bring it to an end entirely. Fortunately the couple had little more than frayed nerves after the little crash in China, allowing them to complete the rest of the journey without any further complications.

Lay Down in China
Not something anybody would want but it does happen (Photo Provided by Rob)

Other notes of advice from Rob include keeping yourselves updated on Visa requirements or just the specific allowances in each country’s visa. Visas can change, as they experienced although whether this impacted their total time on the road or not, I am not sure. It just meant they had to stick as a group from China into Thailand, rather than split after China as originally planned.

Stay tuned for ride coverage from Day 1 coming next! – TGA


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