2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 – Refreshing the Brand

It’s no secret Harley-Davidson has been refreshing their stable to keep its hold strong in the American market while at the same time getting a foot in the door in emerging markets elsewhere. Just about everybody is. This is not easy when the line-up are generally big heavy cruisers that can cost some serious coin. The Street range is the MotorCo’s answer to that, primarily meant as a lower-cost budget range with smaller displacements than what we normally see them offering. Many other premium motorcycle companies are doing the same while struggling to retain what defines them. The Street range had some niggles in its infant stages that have since been sorted out. The all new 2017 Street Rod is further development and maturing of the range while mostly staying true to the brand.

The 2017 Street Rod in its Glory (Photo Credit: Barry Seah – Motorgrapher.com)

The mere mention of budget brings about dirty thoughts of sacrifice in areas for the sake of keeping costs down. Areas that come onto the chopping board include materials, parts, paint and all around quality. Coming from Harley-Davidson this is especially something to worry about since quality and detail are major selling points for them. With Harley-Davidson, parts are built to last with components that put other manufacturers (and sometimes premium) to shame. There is a lot to expect from this bike. Case in point, refer to the video below:

Always loved the style of the MotorCo’s commercials but back to the story, you can see it’s a pretty aggressive riding stance and with stuff like at 0:23, you’ll see the rider make a very sharp turn while you can hear the tyre spin a little. Other points in the video emphasize this handling ability. I came expecting this bike to deliver. Did it disappoint? Not once.

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