The 2018 Dukes Have Landed

KTM recently launched 2 updated models from the Duke series with facelifts and performance upgrades, the Duke 125 and Duke 390.

Priced at SGD $9,900 for the 125 and SGD $11,900 for the 390 before COE and Road Tax, both models feature extensively updated bodywork styling and performance upgrades while managing to satisfy Euro 4 requirements.

Ready to Pierce the Darkness

Keeping sights set on its target consumers, which KTM described as “anyone young and old, big and small”, emphasizing the versatility of the machines with attributes to satisfy the requirements of most riders. B

Seamless Fit and Easy to Read. Snazzy Looks are a Bonus

oth models continue to be practical every day machines, with relatively affordable price tags yet manage to feature premium equipment, fit and finish. Premium components and finishing come standard as part of the package, with seamless full colour TFT displays, weight savings, increased power output figures, a revised and aggressive, slightly forward leaning position befitting the styles KTM expects owners to ride their machines and fly-by-wire only available on the 390.  Front and rear lighting on both models are also full LED units, headlamps now sport similar design elements with the other bigger siblings. Backlit controls which were featured on the previous generation of Dukes has been carried forward to this new generation, a rider friendly feature that even other more premium manufacturers have not yet included on their offerings. Braking on the models is provided by Bybre, essentially Brembo units, made at its India facility.

Bybre Radial Caliper Stops The Show Real Quick

Journalists and guests at the Singapore launch were invited to test the machines around the KF1 Go Kart circuit, where the combination of tight curves gave testers the opportunity to experience the impact of the changes and weight savings first hand on handling and performance.

New Profile from the Side and New Seating Angle Encourages Spirited Riding

Needless to say the new Duke line-up positions KTM aggressively in the small to mid-rannge cc market in Singapore where the previous generation Dukes have proved themselves popular, by taking them a level up with performance and aesthetic upgrades.

KTM are making sure even the Little Guys are Cared For

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