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If you’ve been wondering who’s behind the recent spate of beautifully taken professional shots you’ve seen on The Gasoline Addict, wonder no more.

Barry The Motorgrapher
The Man behind the Images (Photo By: Barry Seah –

Here’s Barry Seah, also known as The Motorgrapher. He’s responsible for the conceptualization, planning and make-up of the shots you see in all TGA motorcycle reviews lately.

Sherman + Sportster
Blogger at Suavewatches oozing confidence, just like his timepieces (Photo By: Barry Seah –
Barry + Busa
Barry and his ‘Busa (Photo By: Barry Seah –

A professional photographer since 2011, Barry picked up motorcycling in 2014. The feeling of freedom on the road quickly grew into a love for motorcycles and naturally the two passions were combined in 2016 when he introduced motorcycle photography into his range of offerings for clients, giving rise to the Motorgrapher label under his studio, PPI.


A Customized CVO Road King in its natural element, stalking the lot (Photo By: Barry Seah –

As The Motorgrapher, Barry spends time getting to know his clients and their choice of motorcycles, weaving the information he gets into a personalized theme for the shoot or series of photos unique to each client. For example, when we were planning the shoot for the Triumphs, Barry had 2 ideas for the theme, one with lighting effects to simulate a heartbeat monitor for the rhythm of the twins and the other to bring out a strong grungy mood to reflect the garage-built culture surrounding the origins of Bobbers and Café Racers. This resulted in 2 very different flavours, one which you have seen in the Bobber and Streetcup review and the other which I have kept for this piece since I felt it was special and had to be kept for the right time.

A shower of sparks outlining the hand built origins of Bobbers and Cafe Racers (Photo By: Barry Seah –

Aside from personal portraits with motorcycles, The Motorgrapher can also shoot proud family portraits for motorcycle owners/lovers and create canvas prints to display in the home making breath-taking pieces for the home and family to share.

Street Rod + Barry
Ready to Attack the Streets (Photo By: Barry Seah –

A little extra to note, The Motorgrapher now includes a new video crew and we’ll be working on creating wicked motorcycle videos under our partnership. SO STAY TUNED!

The Sharp and Clean Console of the Bobber (Photo By: Barry Seah –

Enquiries on The Motorgrapher’s services can be directed to Barry at +6596925673.

Part of “The Wall” at the Studio (Photo By: Barry Seah –

The selection of his works here should indulge your senses and show why you need to ring him up for appointments – TGA
Big Air – The 2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod (Photo Credit: Barry Seah –
Raw and Aggressive, Carving the City Streets was Never this Easy (Photo By: Barry Seah –

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