The Wicked Wallop 2018 – A Day of Freedom, Expression and Culture

Story By: Will Yap
Photography By: The Motorgrapher, The Wandering Wasp and Will Yap


And so it has come to pass, what could have been a regular Saturday, on the first weekend of the first month, of yet another year.

Except that this was also the very Saturday when the third Wicked Wallop has taken place. Aside from being a celebration of the motorcycling culture, lifestyle and related subcultures, it is also the one time of the year where motorcycle mounted dreamers, rogues and mavericks, come in their own right to gather in revelry. A time when these peoples come together to show the extent of their creativity and their capabilities. From the dreams that come to being as forms of self expression in their machines, to the art that adorns their bodily canvases, to the ornaments that complement their choice of clothing, away from environments that seek to suppress their true selves. They are free in their element for just one day and what a sight it is.

As The Crowd Eases In (Photo By: The Motorgrapher)

As the machines rolled in to kickstart the day, led by a fire-breathing American V-8 barstool (a barstool, that’s right), all present saw a progression of various motorcycle classes, weights and displacements, the nationalities changed. Singaporean, Germans, French, Americans along with our neighbours from across the border. As more customized rides rolled into the venue, the atmosphere picked up and as the motorcycle lovers convened throughout the afternoon, Land Rover, Jeep, and Classic Car clubs came in support of the event, bringing spirits to an all time high into what was truly the most exciting Wicked Wallop by far.

And Handlebar’s Jan On The Chevy V8 Barstool Leads The Pack (Photo By: Will Yap)
Warpigs MC Leading the Way (Photo By: The Motorgrapher)
Here Come the Classics (Photo By: The Motorgrapher)

The Wandering Wasp, Juvena Huang was also present, with calendars featuring her favourite photos from her thrilling journey and to give a talk on the various aspects of her trip, from planning to individual opinions and experiences on the way.

Juvena, aka The Wandering Wasp Full of Expression (Photo By: The Motorgrapher)

Food and drinks by Handlebar and El Cubanos, entertainment was provided a line-up of local talent, topped off by Wicked Aura and from Japan, Johnny Pandora. Live tattoos were also being done int he area where Singapore Ink Show representatives displayed their work. Free hand pin-striping by Mohd Redwan from Dhwan Design House took place nearby.

Canvas of Skin (Photo By: The Motorgrapher)
Canvas of Machine (Photo by: The Motorgrapher)

Event sponsors, BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, KTM and Mah Pte Ltd were also on hand to offer test rides around the vicinity, while Mah Pte Ltd took the opportunity to launch the Indian Scout Bobber and Triumph’s Bobber Black and Speedmaster models for the model year. Supporting partners like Monster Energy, local ice cream parlour Udders Purple Lab and Custom Coatings among the many were on hand to ensure variety and flavour with the event.



Extra Spicy, No Regrets (Photo by: The Motorgrapher)

As night fell and the revelry peaked, prizes were given away after Johnny Pandora’s last song for the night, by the organizers of Kustom Fest, KL Bike Week and Art of Speed, to owners of handpicked favourites in various categories of custom machines and merchandise to the first part of the lucky draw. To top it off, a custom event would not be complete without a custom motorcycle giveaway for another highlight of the event, which after a heart-pounding test of key selection was won by yours truly. Yes, I bought some lucky draw tickets in support of the event and won a fully functional motorcycle, purposed as an exercise in styling!

The Greasers of Johnny Pandora Pumping Out the Tunes (Photo by: The Motorgrapher)
WhatsApp Image 2018-01-07 at 00.48.04.jpeg
Yes, The Starter is Under the Seat (Photo by: The Wandering Wasp)

The Wicked Wallop 2018 ended spectacularly, leaving those present with good memories and anticipation for the next Wicked Wallop, to take place on a weekend as all exciting events in Singapore do, probably around the first weekend of 2019. As we wait with anticipated breath for what comes next, hearsay is beginning to tease the plans have begun to formulate.

Hands On and Loving It (Photo by: The Motorgrapher)
Chain Drive and Hard Tail, Rides Like The Days of Yonder (Photo by: The Motorgrapher)

Look out for the follow up piece, featuring the best photo moments captured during the Wicked Wallop 2018!

An Event For All, See You Next Year! (Photo by: The Motorgrapher)

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