Resurgence UltraLite X – The Almost, Somewhat, Everyday Test

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Story and Photography by: Will Yap

Motorcycle Jeans that protect your legs are great. We can all agree on that. Associated things that we don’t agree on however, are cost, comfort, material, level of protection, cut and style. Skinnies aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, neither does everybody like their denim-Kevlar blend too thick or warm. Gear manufacturers have such a hard time meeting our demands. How do they solve this need?

Resurgence Gear thinks they have the answer. The brand’s first offering that landed here some years ago boasted more than 23 seconds of abrasion time. This witchcraft owes itself to Pekev, a polymer based material of an undisclosed recipe with extremely high abrasion resistance and tensile strength. This means the fibres in the Pekev material hold together stronger than a clingy ex. Yup, legend has it that dozens of clingy exes are employed at the factory, where their tears are collected in enormous curing vats to be used in the weaving process. While other protective synthetic fibres break down under UV, Pekev does not. Just like nothing can stop a clingy ex. In the video below, some Russians take to the grinder, literally to test Pekev fibre against Aramid for shearing resistence and tensile strength.

In the local context, many of us avoid wearing motorcycle jackets and jeans due to the heat. Some wear slippers too (cue uncontrolled shuddering). Resurgence however has risen to the challenge.

Looks Good, Fits Well. Those Pens Though…

The UltraLite-X range guards areas with high impact and abrasion probability in a crash. Bum, hips, thighs and knees. To add on to the protection, Resurgence includes D3O armour for hips and knees/partial shin. D3O armour itself caused quite a stir in the year it was released. There were videos of guys wearing D3O in their jackets getting hit with frying pans to show how effective it was at impact absorption. Likewise D3O QC was probably performed by the aforementioned clingy exes, albeit the more violent kind.




Protection In Disguise
Takes A Frying Pan and More









The Ultralite-X jeans are stretchy and soft inside. The Pekev lining caresses thighs and skin like a cool evening breeze. Since there are already videos showing how tough Pekev is, I decided to put these jeans to a more practical test, for everyday wear. I wore these on my bike, to a local coffee joint, on the subway and to lunch at a hawker centre. I took a walk around town too for good measure.

Day 3 and nobody knows its motorcycle jeans yet

Let’s be realistic about this. These are motorcycle jeans, you will not get away from the sweat for sure. The claim to fame here is that they never once felt clingy through all that activity. The denim weave provides some degree of stretch for a comfortable fit. In heavy traffic they offer some insulation from engine heat. Black magic and sorcery but heck it aint a sin, I’ll take it. Pockets for the armour are accessed internally for the hip and from the outside for the knees with a zipper. If that zipper ever breaks off in a crash, that knee armour will never come out. I’d still have a kneecap though, so I can live with knowledge like that.



Clean and Simple

Now in the budget department, the ultralite-X is fairly priced, you can get one with change to spare instead of buying a pair of levi’s. Coupled with the armour they offer, they present a pretty good bargain to the budget conscious buyer. It’s scarce that you find something so beefed up that doesnt break the bank.

The Resurgence Ultralite-X jeans retails for SGD$189 at Ban Hock Hin, 6 Defu Lane 4, Singapore 539410.

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