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Story and photography by: Juvena “The Wandering Wasp” Huang

In my previous article on packing tips for motorcycle travel, I mentioned about surviving with 3 to 4 sets of clothes, finding multiple uses for items and securing stuff. In this article, I will delve into the details of what I use on a day to day basis.


My mobile washing machine comprises a few things.

  • 5L dry bag
  • Laundry Brush
  • Laundry Bar
  • Microfibre Towel
  • Pegless Clothes Line

Small dry bag as Portable Washing Machine

I spent the late autumn in North Pakistan where heating amenities are not regularly available due to load shedding. For those lucky ones who have never experienced a blackout, it is a deliberate cut of power supply so that the generation system is not overloaded.

There, water is freezing cold by default! Hot/warm water is a luxury. I would not waste warm water on laundry. No electricity means no washing machine too. Handwashing clothes with cold water really hurts the hands. Here is what you can do.

You may use a dry bag to contain your soiled clothing. For washing, simply fill it with water, add laundry detergent, maybe add a few laundry balls, roll it shut and shake that thing like a gigantic cocktail. Your clothes will be getting a good tumble wash while you get a good workout.

Mini Laundry Brush

If you must scrub your clothes, you may use a nail brush (left) as a laundry brush. I also found a laundry brush (right) at Daiso which is equally small and has harder bristles.

Laundry Detergent

Personally I prefer s laundry bar over liquid concentrate. First, it cost only 40cents at Fairprice, Second, it is very very concentrated, you can get many more washes out from this 40cents laundry bar than the same volume of liquid concentrate.

Sometimes, you find even better products overseas, like this Clear & White Multipurpose soap bar (right) I chanced upon in the Balkans. It has been my soap of choice for everything – dishwashing, laundry and bodywash.

Microfibre Towel

Besides using it to dry your body, you can also use it to dry your clothes. Just lay your washed clothes on the towel. Roll the towel with the clothes in between and wring it. Why microfibre? Microfibre towels absorb better and can be wrung dry easily and reused for drying more clothes again.
If weather is not too cold or wet, the clothes will dry overnight. It has been tested and proven.

Pegless Clothesline

It is compact and holds up your clothes well. You can either loop it around any support or use the strong suction cups to anchor it on any smooth surfaces e.g. tiled walls, mirrors. While camping, I tie one end around a tree and the other on my scooter.

You can get these on EBay, search for “Pegless Clothesline” and there are different lengths available. I prefer shorter ones because you need to stretch the long ones out well to hold your clothes up.


If my clothes do not dry by the time I leave for the next destination, I will place them in my mesh bag and strap it to the top of my box and ride. The sun and wind will help in the drying.

Gadget Charging


I have never used the UK version of 3-pin plug after leaving Southeast Asia. Bringing 3-pin plugs is just redundant bulk.

The Solution – Travel adaptor with multiple integrated USB ports.

Most of our electronic gadgets, mobiles, POV cameras and powerbanks are recharged through USB ports. Bringing a universal travel adapter with integrated USB ports is a better choice for the space conscious. However, I do not recommend using this with appliances that require insulating pins. You are not going to bring an electric kettle or toaster, are you?

And since you have the travel adaptor, you might as well just bring cables with more compact 2-pin plugs. This is what I mean



MacBook Charger with 3 pin for home use.


I switch to this adaptor whenever I bring it for trips. You can fold the flat pins in.

For example, my MacBook charging cable comes with attachments for regular 3-pins or flatter 2-pins. I’ll use the 3-pin at home but for travel, I switch to the flatter 2-pin attachment because it is more compact, plus I can fold the pins in.

Or you can also use the 2 pin Figure 8 power cable commonly used for charging camera batteries for your laptop too… Tada… It works.

It may seem like these only help to save a little space, but it makes a difference if you have many electronic gadgets to charge.


Toothpaste and soap, you can get most stuff easily on the road. Except for ear picks as a friend Goh told me.

After spending almost a year around Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, I am a convert for using water or bidet. It is much cleaner. If you are not a convert, bring your own Toilet Paper!

For the ladies, tampons can be difficult to find in conservative countries where virginity is highly valued and still tagged to an intact hymen. Stock up on tampons or consider using a menstrual cup. I will probably write a separate article on the different sanitary options for travelling.

Sleeping Bag Liner (if you camp)

Sleeping bag liners are often made from silk. It lines the inside of sleeping bags to increase insulation. Even in hot weather, the material renders a very cooling and smooth surface to lay on. With a sleeping bag liner, the sleeping bag does not have to be washed too often, just the sleeping bag liner which is far lighter, easier to wash and quick drying .

Compression bags

This will not help with the weight but it will help to make space in your luggage. This is especially useful when you have bulky winter clothes. Do not keep your winter clothes or sleeping bags compressed for prolonged storage. The insulating air pockets in the clothes and sleeping bags may be forced out permanently, rendering it useless for insulation.

Original Volume of clothes before compressing them.
After sitting on the bag, compressing everything down and tightening the straps

Most of the compression bags in the market are cylindrical in shape. This shape however, is not space efficient and not stack-able for backpacks and boxes. The cuboid shape is friendlier for stacking and therefore more space efficient for most luggage and panniers. Only Granite Gear makes them in this shape. They offer waterproof options as well.


Useful if you camp a lot and need your hands free for pitching the tent or cooking at night.
OR having to fix a broken throttle cable on the road after sunset.
There are places without electricity for up to 12 hours a day. I had to sleep with a torchlight next to me in case I had to go to the toilet.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Helpful when you need more sleep while camping in the longer daylight hours of summer and your tent is light coloured. In a hostel, you can’t choose your room mates. There are those who snore way too loud or party-goers coming back late and making out in the bathroom.

Cable Lock

If you do not want to lug your helmet wherever you go, you may secure you helmet to the motorcycle with this.
I hope this list was useful. Am I missing anything else? Feel free to share any other tips in the comments below.

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