MSSC Tag Team Endurance Rumble: 5 Things You Should Know

Grab a buddy for the next enduro event by the Singapore Motorcycle Sports and Safety Club (MSSC), on 25 Nov 2018!

Cherie Tan Anyhowly DR650 The Gasoline Addict

Story by: Cherie “Anyhowly” Tan
Photos by: Ken Lim, MSSC

1) An all-new race location

The Endurance Rumble takes place on fresh new grounds that your knobbies have never tasted. A mere 10 minute ride away from Tuas, the new trail winds through the backyard of Mutiara Rini Motocross track in Gelang Petah, Johor. Excited yet?

The organising team getting ready to carve virgin trails.

Don’t head down to investigate it on your own though – the area remains out of bounds until 18 November.

Here’s a roughly-outlined sneak peak of the race routes. Allow for race day variations!

Tag Team Enduro Race

2) A playground for all skill levels

The race organisers hint at terrain that is reminiscent of the Nusajaya enduro races from ’09 and ’10. New and returning riders will be relieved to hear that it’s a friendly mix of tight bush sections and fast open tracks, with nothing too intimidating on the Silver class novice loop.

Tag Team Enduro Race
Raise your throttle hands, those who remember the good old days at Nusajaya!

Still, there’s enough of the gnarly stuff to keep expert riders on their metal-tipped toes. Now, we hear that the special “short-cut” obstacles in the Gold class route can really bring tough riders to their knees…

Tag Team Enduro Race
On this note, race in-charge Ken Lim would like to thank those who’ve lent muscle to cut the trail: Wong, Sunny, Darren, Richard Lim, Glen, Elton, Ben Tan, David Kwok, Tatsuo Mariko and Shaun.
Tag Team Enduro Race
They’re naming this obstacle “Mosquito Log”, on account of blood tributes made to the local wildlife. Gold class racers can choose to attack short-cut obstacles like these, or take the ‘chicken route’ detour. 
3) One-man shows are not allowed

This is a strictly tag team rumble, so buddy up quick, before everyone’s taken! With two riders in a team, you may choose to share a bike or race on separate machines. Lap strategy is completely up to you, and there are no limits to the number of rider rotations. There are four main race classes, which will hit dirt at the same time in a Le Mans-style start:

Gold class (3 hours)
( Intermediate and experienced / Top 15 tag team podium finishes )

Sliver class  (3 hours)
( Novice and returning riders / Top 10 tag team podium finishes )

Traillies Class (3 hours)
( Top 5 tag team podium finishes )

Ladies Class (2 hours)
(Top 5 tag team podium finishes )

Race day on 25 November kicks off with registration at 8am and the main flag-off at 10am.

Knobbies on scoots? Don’t be surprised; these wicked little grelims tear up dirt just as ferociously. Catch some scootcross race action on 25 November as well!

Oh, and if you get hungry while your partner’s churning up the jungle, a trackside food stall will be offering up a menu of fried chicken, hotdogs, nuggets, french fries and fruit juice.

4) You can rent a dirtbike and gear to race

No knobby wheels of your own? Hit up Rezza from the Gear Bros at They’ll kit you up with everything you need.

5) Registration is already open

Don’t twiddle your thumbs until race day. The first 50 teams to register get a free 3L MSSC water bag each! Entry fee per rider is 70sgd, or 140sgd per team.

To sign up, make your fee transfer to Posb Savings bank account 183170066 or DBS Paylah / PayNow to 92739356. Then, WhatsApp 92739356 with a screenshot of the transfer, together with your:
1. Name and tag team partner
2. Race class

More more details, visit or reach Ken Lim at +6591081293.

Tag Team Enduro Race

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