The Wicked Wallop 2019 – One For the Community

WIll Yap The Gasoline Addict

Written By: Will Yap
Photography By: The Gasoline Addict Team

The day started off slow and easy, probably due to the heat but that didn’t stop the pitbikes from buzzing around their circuit or Vivienne’s Verdict from kicking things off with their tunes.

Vivienne’s Verdict Getting Everyone into the mood

Audience numbers surged after the grand entrance slightly after 2pm and what a sight it was as bikers rolled in dressed in all their livery. It was at this very moment that anyone new to the event could realize how The Wicked Wallop is an event for the community as different classes and genres of motorcycles rolled into the venue.

I Dewa, aka the man behind SkullsNation Jewellery

The Wicked Wallop has grown from the very first edition. From a small private event that changed venues every year until it found the current joint (shout-out to the folks from Carros Centre!) that couldn’t have been more than adequate. With a visibly bigger crowd compared to last year, the venue was still able to accommodate everyone, including foreign visitors and the motorcycles that came in with them.

Singaporeans, Face Your Competition!

With more and more motorcycles rolling in through the day, it was clear to anyone on the ground- The Wicked Wallop is an event by the community, for the community. For this year, the organizers chose to pay homage to the culture of motorcycling along with the different subcultures that surround it. From cult clothing and biker jewellery brands to live tattoos and a tattoo competition to BMX boys on ramps, pitbikes and event goers were encouraged to ride skateboards to get around. There were even bouncy castles running until the end of the night for the little ones!

Meet Our Bikers of Tomorrow

In an act of embracing everyone in the community, the boys from the Rampage Ride were given a warm welcome as they rode in on their prized collections. I was given the opportunity to ride with them. An aura hung in the air as they rolled in on their prized collections, polished and shined for this day. Their collections resigned to a fate they never chose as they would have to be de-registered or exported, these precious few of yesteryear. Speaking with the owners, they told me of the resulting loss of heirlooms, monetary and prized possessions. Deep interest brought many to their bikes all day, to see the influencers of today’s motorcycle technologies and cultures. In a sad twist of fate, the owners told me that a number of them had surpassed Euro-1 standards in their day but were caught in the crosshairs of this unwanted end. Among these Euro-1 qualifying machines were an Africa Twin and several Yamaha VMAX-s.

I Love The Smell of Two-Stroke In The Morning
A Globe Trotter and Memory Machine With A Destiny Sealed By Fate
Collections of Today, Gone Tomorrow

The best of show contest attracted our Malaysian neighbours with their heavily customized machines in mass too. Having more leeway in modifying their motorcycles, they made sure us Singaporeans were faced with strong competition for the prizes while spectators were faced with visual treats with each and every stunning ride that won in its respective category.

You Could Definitely Win WIth A Bagger Like This
Our Good Friend The Motorgrapher Doing His Thing!

A short bout of evening rain did little to dampen the mood, as the spirit of the event rode high with music from Bushmen and Trix-O-Treat keeping the night running strong. To the side, a supporting event ran simultaneously, organized by “Majulah Vespura” and yep you probably guessed right, their Vespas were they a sight! (Many owners too lamented the similar fates shared by their Vespas and the Rampage motorcycles)

Vespa Galore!

As the day inevitably drew to a close, The Wicked Wallop IV left a deep void and anticipation for the next one. Simply because, it gets better every year.

An Event For All Machines Beautiful!

Stay tuned as we sift through for a collection of our favourite photo moments!

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