Ducati Singapore Launches the Diavel 1260 and 1260S

WIll Yap The Gasoline Addict

Written By: Will Yap
Photography By: Will Yap

Rumoured to be the “mega-monster” before its launch in 2011, to the full realization that this machine was not meant to settle for second in the muscle cruiser segment. The Diavel hit the segment as a force to be reckoned with, was well received and til today remains an icon in the Ducati stable.

Are You Worthy?

After expanding the range to include the XDiavel, Ducati have updated the Diavel in both technology and looks while development on the engine will ensure a casual stroll into the Euro-5 era with Desmodromic Variable Timing ie. Hydraulically Actuated Variable Timing on mechanically opened and closed valves. Otherwise known as witchcraft.

That Unmistakable Rear

Having evolved into a more modular look, away from the more organic look of the first generation, the Diavel still retains its unmistakably iconic silhouette and dual-strip LED tail lights, other changes include a TFT display, self-cancelling turn signals (ooh luxe!), backlit handlebar switches and a return to the rearward facing exhausts.

See that Modular Look?

Above the base model with standard features, the S guise packs extras like a full Ohlins suspension and a quick shifter for more serious and engaging (the adult word for fun) riding.

TFT Display and Backlit Switches Grab Attention

The Diavel 1260 retails at Ducati Singapore for SGD 59900, while the 1260 S retails for SGD 69000. Prices include COE and 1 year of Road Tax.

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