Ulu Choh DIrt Park – A Camp and A Launch or What You Missed

WIll Yap The Gasoline Addict

Written By: Will Yap
Photography By: Will Yap and Yang JunWei

You might have missed this, but 2 events happened at the Ulu Choh Dirt Park over the last weekend

Saturday: Summer Camp @ UCDP

A family oriented event, serving to introduce curious or keen folk who have never tried dirt-biking before to get on under the guidance of experienced professionals. Small manageable dirt bikes for children through to adults were provided courtesy of Prima Garage and Dirt State.

One is DIfferent, Spot The Electric

Meanwhile in preparation for Beta Motorcycles’ Launch the next day, 4 models were on site for officials to test and setup giving everyone present a good look at them before the test rides the next day.

Clean and Ready For the Day

A little extra on site, was a new electric downhill mountain bike by Sur-Ron called the Light Bee, featuring a removable battery pack that those present also got to get their thrills on. (Editor’s Note: A Sur-Ron Respresentative clarified that the Light Bee is classified as an offroad electric dirtbike and is itself a hybrid between a downhill bike and an enduro)

No Pedaling On This One
Easy-Peasy Battery Changes

Eventually, the rain gods decided to that the site a good watering, unfortunately halting the activities. That everyone was under the tents however, meant that no one was left out when the durian and lok-lok trucks arrived.


Maybe it was the aroma of the durians, or the smell of the lok-lok that made the rain gods hungry, but the rain eventually stopped in time for the highlight of the day, a night trail to end things off.

All Prepped for the Little Tykes til it Rained

Here’s the thing about night trails, with only the light of your vehicle flooding the forest as shadows and silhouettes dance around, lines become tricky to choose. Combine the beam of your headlight with those of your mates and KAPOW, it becomes all the more thrilling as the different beams from various angles play with the landscape. Go fast or go slow, just don’t choose the wrong line or you might end up in the bushes.

Keep That Distance! (Photo Contribution: Yang JunWei)
Not Sure What They Are Looking At (Photo Contribution: Yang JunWei)
Only The Beams Of The Lights At Night (Photo Contribution: Yang JunWei)

Sunday: Beta Launches, Accompanied by some Triumphs

All Ready For the Big Day

Beta motorcycles, a common sight in European offroad and enduro competitions finally landed in Singapore, launching at Ulu Choh Dirt Park.

The Beta Landing.. Geddit?

What this launch means, is that the younger generation of motorcyclists can now access the raw power delivery of a 2-stroke in the RR200 model and others looking for more will find a friend in the RR300. We can now smell 2T in the morning as these Euro-4 compliant ring-dingers find their place in the local market. While Mah Pte Ltd took the liberty to also showcase Triumph’s Scrambler 1200 XE, or the offroad capable one, not present at the launch was the RR 4T 390 4-stroke, which Mah Pte Ltd will also be selling.

Up for test rides were the RR 2T 200 and the RR 2T 300 in 2 tiers of trim, showing the crowd the difference between the entry level model and a specced-up version. While two Triumph Scrambler 1200 XEs were also up for the crowd to try.

Triumphs Sitting Pretty, Doing Their Thing

Competitively priced in the range of SGD $14,000 to $19,000 before COE and Road Tax, the 200cc and 300cc offerings are expected to appeal in their respective segments. Eugene Mah of Mah Pte Ltd said he is confident the RR 2T 300 models will be more popular, simply “due to pricing that places it on par with the RR 2T 200 range”.

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