The 8th Annual Art of Speed – A Weekend of Colours, Sights and Sounds

WIll Yap The Gasoline Addict
Written By: Will Yap
Photography By: Art of Speed Media and Will Yap

The 8th Annual Art of Speed 2019 took place over the weekend from the 27th to the 28th of July. What can a Kustom Kulture show in the 8th of year of running deliver? While of course free reigning creativity is the order of the day, Art of Speed also cultivates and sustains the culture that will inspire tomorrow’s designers builders and craftsmen. Driving them to explore their talent and connect with those who seek to give life to their dream machines.

Airtime for Asep, Founder of Art of Speed (Photo by: Art of Speed Media)
Yes, that’s Triumph Speedmaster by Vicious Cycles of Singapore
What A Motorcycle Treasure Trove Looks Like
Making A Statement, Even on the Primary
Honda MotoCompo – Good Fit For a City

Though strict laws with good intentions unfortunately leave many of us feeling boxed in, the looming 2028 ban by NEA on low mileage classics from the 90s has left many in a dilemma with their well maintained machines. Just across the border, the Art of Speed is itself endorsed in some form by Tourism Malaysia. Until something changes in this environment, we will always have look to events like this in the region to enjoy what others can but we Singaporeans cannot.

Although it seems like a tall order, a part of me hopes that we will one day see the same freedom to explore the kulture without boundaries in Singapore. For now, enjoy the views and make plans to join the 55,000 who came this year if you can for 2020’s edition.

Rad Scooter With Perimeter Brakes. No Kidding
R9T Scrambler by Heiwa Motorcycles, Japan.
The King and Queen Sat Here
Oooh ‘Ello Gorgeous
Design Brief: Mama Said Knock You Out
Achtung Baby! Its StG Nautilus by Hot Dock Japan!
Wait A Minute, Is that A Virago XV535?
What A Pantastic Ford, by Sumi of Mooneyes Japan
Aint no Ban here!
This Movie Star Doesnt Do Autographs
Still Looking Sharp with that Pop Up Headlight
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Winner Eric Lim Got Lucky with the first ever Hot Wheels x Haus Boom Collaboration in Asia (Photo by: Art of Speed Media)
Hujan Headlining the Sound Circus Event Stage (Photo by: Art of Speed media)
Kustom Kulture is Beautiful. As Always and Never More True

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