KL Bike Week 2019 – The Last One (For Now)

WIll Yap The Gasoline Addict
Story and Photography: Will Yap

The 10th and final KL Bike Week’s took place over Friday and Saturday, 20-21 December, 2019 at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, where attendees were in for plenty of visual treats.

No One Was Blocked In that Day
Muscle, Muscle, Muscle!
A Gem of Innovative American Engineering
A Gem of Innovative American Engineering

Event goers entering the museum were first greeted by a display of tuner and collectors cars, followed by retired Malaysian Airforce jets on display, some dating back to the cold war era before reaching the event space hangar populated by what else but stock and custom motorcycles, bands piping live music, a Jimmy Hendrix look-alike and peddlers of various wares, crafts and curiosities.

What A Sight for Tuner Enthusiasts
Jam on the Causeway? No Problem!
Mind if we Hop On?
Smile Back and She’ll Start that Engine for You

With the crowd carrying on strong into the night, riders were pouring in, watched over by a single hot air balloon hanging in the air.

Live Music Electrifies the Air
Dude! I Can See that Spanner You Dropped!
Hand Painted and Sitting Pretty

Titled “the final chapter”, this will unfortunately be the last KL Bike Week for the time being, until perhaps a revival in the near future.

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